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Pre-school Physical Development Programmes
Prevent Low Muscle Tone
Brain integration
Physical Health

Documented fact: Children (and most adults) learn best through "doing".
How often have you begun to show your child how to perform a new task or skill, and
you are barely halfway through when he or she begs "Let me try".

A growing child constantly tests his or her physical abilities and takes delight in progress:

"Look how far I can stretch", "Look how high I can jump", and "Look how fast I can run"

Catrobatkidz provides a safe, positive, fun-filled forum for your child to develop his physical skills and abilities. Because all movement requires exercise and integration of the Brain, mental skills and abilities are exercised and developed in direct proportion to physical activity. Maximum learning capacity is achieved when the Left and Right sides of the Brain are working together, or integrated. Specific movements and exercises involving balance and co-ordination, crossing the mid-line of the body and combining the senses (sight, sound, touch) are the core elements of Catrobatkidz lesson plans.

How will your child benefit from the Catrobatkidz programme?

Not so long ago, children exercised naturally through the day - they walked or rode bikes to school, did the same going home, then roamed the neighbourhood between friends homes, went into the veld and played hide and seek, climbed trees, etc. - as long as they were home before dark, no-one worried. Sadly, today the scenario is very different - children are transported everywhere by car, encouraged to stay inside where it is safe, and with the advent of TV, computers and play station, who wants to be outside running around anyway? Most opportunities for spontaneous physical development have been lost.

Low muscle tone is a weakness of the muscles. A child with this condition is usually unable to perform normal everyday activities in a well-coordinated manner. Low muscle tone is a condition that in this computer and television age is unfortunately becoming more prevalent.

Reading and Writing skills require brain integration and physical co-ordination, and your child will discover new ways to move and exercise each week. "Can you touch your wrist to your ear and hop on your right foot?"
Pre-school Physical Development Programmes

In that exercise alone the child is reinforcing knowledge of his body parts (wrist, ear), of left and right, practicing his balance, following a sequence of verbal information. Imagine the benefits of a full half hour devoted to movement!

With insufficient movement (too much time spent in motor cars or in front of TV, for example), or lack of the right kind of movement, there is inadequate stimulation of the cerebellum in the brain stem. While the brain, just like the body, needs food and water in order to survive, it also needs to be marinated in rich life experiences in order for your child to take advantage of all the genetic potential he/she was born with.

Rhythm plays an important part in reading skills - each week the lesson will include movement to music.

Controlling his body and movement is a wonderful way to develop a child's self-discipline and self-confidence. Basic gym positions are learned and practiced throughout the year. Development of eye-hand, and eye-foot co-ordination will ensure your child is ready to participate in any sport of his choice in Primary School.

Pre-school Physical Development Programmes FUN - life and learning should be fun, and each lesson is planned around different equipment and apparatus, when hand-held equipment is used, each child is provided with their own. When we work with larger equipment, the children have to take turns and/or work together, which helps develop social skills. Lesson plans are pre-planned and each week is different, providing many challenges and ongoing stimulation.

A child who has self-confidence will be able to tackle any task or situation, and at Catrobatkidz everyone is a winner Each child is developing at his or her own pace, and performs the lesson tasks to the best of his ability We like to say that at Catrobats there is no such word as "can't" - only "I'll try my best" and "I'll keep on trying". You will receive a termly report identifying each specific area of development and your child's progress therein, and at the end of the year every child who has participated in the program receives a medal and a certificate for their achievements.

Any of you who exercises regularly know the benefits associated with it - good physical health, stress release and a general feeling of well-being and a good self-image. At Catrobats we aim to develop a love for physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle in each child who participates in the program.

How To Enrol

Catrobatkidz classes are offered only at participating Nursery Schools, Pre-schools and similar educational centres.

Ask your child's school if they offer Catrobatkidz.

If YES - ask for a Catrobatkidz enrolment form, complete it and return it to the school. Your child will be included in the next Catrobatkidz class and you will receive a welcome e-mail from Catrobatkidz with all the information you will require.

If NO - please ask the school to visit our website and to consider offering Catrobatkidz.

If your child is not at a pre-school, and you are looking for a school offering Catrobatkidz, contact your nearest Catrobatkidz Franchise for a list of participating schools in your area.
Pre-school Physical Development Programmes
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